Our Work

The Dixon Hotel, London

Located in a Grade II-listed building, The Dixon Hotel Tower Bridge called for a classic heritage wayfinding scheme

The Dixon Hotel traces its roots back to 1905 as the Tower Bridge Magistrates’ Court, Southwark. The building has been fully converted to a boutique hotel, retaining its Edwardian heritage and maintaining key features. We created a timeless and relevant wayfinding and branding scheme, both externally and within the building.

On the hotel frontage, brass built-up letters help the building stand out, while maintaining the subtlety necessary for a heritage location. Black etching to the letter faces provides the unique embossed effect.

Inside, the use of brushed brass is continued for wayfinding and room signage.

Guestroom numbers were each constructed individually, with an infilled embossed effect. Special care and attention was required from our production team to ensure uniformity and quality across all bedrooms.

The brass directional signs are cut in one piece. This creates an impressive feature, and also ensures the text remains securely fastened.