Our Work

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

The new Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool is one of the most advanced Healthcare facilities in the world. Ascot developed, manufactured and installed a comprehensive signage package for this project - on time and within budget. From the internal and external wayfinding, to the multi-storey car-park signage, all elements incorporate bespoke shapes and unique design features.

A distinctive feature of the internal wayfinding is the use of child-friendly animal shapes and bright colours. This is cleverly assimilated within the wayfinding strategy, aiding navigation throughout this beautiful building. The concept is also applied to the glazing manifestation design, creating a suitably themed yet compliant pattern.

This was also one of the first major Healthcare facilities in the UK to benefit from the Ascot digi-PANEL system. Digi-PANEL is a digital sign solution for remotely managing rooms with high volume of changing use, the modern and much more hygiene-friendly alternative to traditional printed paper insert holder signs.